Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 days Holly Shit.............

Danicka and her boyfriend Lewis
Me ofcourse between two of my favourite fellas my brother Danny and of course my soon to be Hubby!!!!
The Birthday girl and I. (hate that shes taller lol)
4 more days and its all happening.
I cant sleep its after midnight and I am wide awake I cant believe its all happening i just a few days but it is and there are so many little things left to do but I have decided what doesn't get done wasn't important enough and I don't care. That's my excuse for not really being organised and I am stickin to it.
Just a note to say I haven't backed out yet lol and we are keeping it together so just a quick Hi
and I will be back just before we leave to go to the Hotel on Ben's birthday Friday night.
He gets it good who can forget their anniversary the day after your Birthday.

Ok this is my SONG to dance to as my first dance with Ben (just for you Dana ;) Its a bit soppy but hey I love the words.
And I am getting married after all so there has to be a little sop I reckon ;)


At 1:13 am , Blogger JP/deb said...

You look BEAUTIFUL sistah!! Gorgeous from head to toe (well, I can't see your toes, but I imagine!) And your tall girl has got her mums pretty smile and you both look lovely.

Yes, your song is soppy, but I love it! Saturday will be all about soppy love & happiness :)

Hugs & love,

At 2:23 am , Blogger Awareness said...

Shaz....you look absolutely marvellous! I am SO excited for you and Ben and your whole family. It is such a day to celebrate....I'll be there in spirit that's for sure (if I can figure out the blasted time difference.....it completely screws me up)

I will picture you dancing to that beautiful song.....you DID pick an emotional one....loveit!....AND it's a good old fashioned hip grinder.

d. x

At 8:10 pm , Blogger cherry girl said...

You're looking really great!! Four days to go, have a great day and enjoy it!

At 11:22 pm , Blogger Vanessa said...

*that's the sizzling sound of how hot you are! you look fabulicious mamma :)
have an absolute blast!!!

At 11:06 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck me Shaz, you look so hot! Can't believe I even contenplating missing this. Will there be any Grappa at the reception?

At 1:12 am , Anonymous jen said...

I second everyone above...you look so beautiful and full of life! xoxoxo

At 10:29 pm , Anonymous Rebecca Vavic said...

Sweets, you look adorable.
I am so happy for you both :)
The song is gorgeous!!!
Thinking of you, probably as you play this song actually!!
Love you guys much!


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