Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You have to Love Australia we went back to where I lived for 15 years Cairns........ In North Queensland I love and miss this place a lot. We stayed in Cairns then up to Port Douglas and on to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree it was awesome to share the beauty of thes places with Ben.

Well its been a while and I don't know what to say life is busy and complicated. We are waiting for the sentencing of the woman who tried to murder Ben and I just cant seem to get things on track.
We went on our honeymoon and it was peaceful. I wish I could escape and be a permanent backpacker but instead I am in the market for a job. It has been a long time and the pressures that present themselves in achieving this are a little daunting.
I am well and the fibromyalgia is for most part being kind to me but stress is a huge trigger.My motivation for anything at the moment is not where i hoped it would be but i am sure things will eventually fall into place. I hope all is well with you all and I hope to reconnect with you all soon.
By the way I am going to be a grandmother :)Danicka is nearly 4 months pregnant and we are overjoyed at the prospect. Ben is going to be a Poppy before he is a dad but he is totally excited.


At 10:36 am , Anonymous Rebecca Vavic said...


WOWSERS... firstly, I thought to myself mmmmm... just because she is a Mrs, I mean... since you became a wifey... you disappear!!!!

So glad you've posted, so happy to see your beautiful trip up to FNQ... amazing part of our backyard!

Goodluck with the sentencing, I hope all goes as best it can.

Congratulations to Danicka, that is so exciting... we must be about the same gestation... we're 18 weeks or thereabouts today (28th Jan)... and Bec is pregnant too...

Will be you very soon too my love.
Hugs to you and Ben and the clan.

At 5:16 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you've posted something Shazzie. You look wonderful, healthy and just beautiful in all your pics.

Congratulations on your impending grandmotherhood. How exciting!

Also good luck with the job hunting and the sentencing. I hope it's a good outcome for both.

It's bloody good to see you again.

At 8:46 am , Blogger Nan said...

Woohoo for Grand babies.
BTW you look wonderful and happy.

At 3:11 am , Blogger Walker said...

Its about time.
I was wondering how long the honey moon was going to be.
Grandpa before poppa.
Ok it works, I guess........and they call us NUTS HA HA HA

I hope the court shit is over soon and you find a job and life falls smoothly into place for you and Ben.

At 10:41 pm , Blogger Vanessa said...

It's so good to find you here Shaz! I've missed you :)
And it's so nice to see you and Ben in these gorgeous pics. You look amazing. No-one is going to believe that you’re a grandmother! Congratulations to Danicka… so exciting. Good luck with the court case. I’ve got you in my thoughts.

At 12:02 am , Blogger JP/deb said...

Hey, there's my favorite girl!!!!!!!!! Life definitely sound crazy ... I will catch up with you on phone soon. Life's been busy here too ... the new job is still keeping me hoppin' - but, in a good way. I can't wait to hear more about the honeymoon, Danicka and the other kids. Sending you love, xx, deb

At 11:05 am , Blogger Awareness said...

You scalliwag! I hadn't checked on you here in a while...was on facebook though so knew you were honeymoonin' and croonin' etc. These are wonderful photos of you two lovebirds.

Wonderful news about Danika. Shaz a grandma? love it! Personally, I can't imagine it, but you go girl.

Good luck with the job hunt...i'm in the middle of waiting to hear about a new job i had an interview for....should know tomorrow i think. i'm a nervous wreck about it.

love to you and Ben....

At 12:55 pm , Blogger Wanda said...

What a beautiful post, Shaz... Love all the pictures of you and your honey Ben. What a great honeymoon~ Cogratulations, Grandma's the best role you can play.

Say a prayer for me... I have to have a biopsy March 4, as they found something suspicious when they did my routine mammogram.

Love and Hugs

At 8:34 am , Blogger Rainbow dreams said...

Lovely photos Shaz and congratulations for a grandmother..!
Thanks for popping by too,
Good luck with the sentencing.
Hope you can find some peace and calm around.. stress can so easily mess so many things u. Take it easy..
Hugs and love, Katie, xx
ps have also given you a well deserved award (but don't feel you need to do anything - just wanted to give it to you.. ), x

At 4:35 pm , Blogger Robert said...

oh wow shazzie you look radiant and effervescent!!!! So good to see you and hear about you ben and your family I hope the stress falls away and a job falls into place soon Hope you are just able to relax often and enjoy the thrill of being married and a soon to be grandma!!! Keep on as you always do my sweet special aussie matey xox

At 3:56 am , Blogger Wanda said...

Oh Shaz, from time to time, you just pop in my mind and won't go away....

Today was one of those days.

Love you and think of you often, and pray your life is happy now.


At 2:39 pm , Blogger JP/deb said...

When are you going to post again sweetie??!!!

Miss you here. Miss you everywhere. I just bought a headset so I can "Skype" ... are you set up with that?

I'll email soon.

Love you,


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