Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey guys just a quick Hi.
Its late again with only 2 sleeps to go and I am tired damn its hard work getting married when the wedding party comprises of all your kids and one other guy who is Ben's mate and I may as well be his mother too lol.
I am so damn busy and in so much pain with my back I could scream. My excitement is turning into fatigue and I am a little over it all to be honest.
I am not the most organised person in the world but I try. So much is going on I am loosing it.
I still am a lot brain foggy and a little concerned its been a long time since treatment and my head is not quite back to normal but we will see once all the stress dies down (if it ever does)
I need a bit of a whinge so don't think I am not OK I am but I am just tired and nervous.
Ben's mum and dad are great but they cant do what I cant remember LOL They are really trying to take the load off and I adore them for that but WoW its just crazy the last minute stuff.
Kim is trying so hard to make it all easier and make it all about me I feel really loved she is one of my bestest friends and she is going to be my mum in law I am an extremely blessed woman.

Anyway still lots to do, I wont be back until Monday so Love you all and have a great weekend I know I will and when I return I will be a MRS OHhhh sounds good HUH?


At 11:59 pm , Blogger JP/deb said...

Hey love ... even the best things in the world can be stressful. Hang in there and try to get that back pain under control. Wish, wish, wish I was there to help. Sending love, xx, deb

At 1:10 am , Anonymous jen said...

A big warm congratulations S. May it be a beautiful time full of nothing but love. Thinking of you...xo

At 9:37 pm , Blogger Awareness said...

Hey sweetie.....thinking of you! If I have the time right, you're now a MRS.!

Best wishes.....hope your day has been simply beautiful and fun, fun, fun....

can't wait to see photos and read about it.

d. xx

At 10:41 pm , Anonymous Rebecca Vavic said...

Yah :)
Congratulations beautiful.

At 6:13 am , Blogger Vanessa said...

If I've got my time-zones right, I figure you must be a married woman by now! Congratulations to you and Ben!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
Love and long years of happiness,

At 3:51 pm , Blogger Walker said...

You have to be married by now.
Wishing the both of you a happy long life together.


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