Friday, June 06, 2008

Mercy Me - I Can Only Imagine

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hi guys, Ben is home...... He is feeling a little better everyday. Things are different now our house is a little quieter our priorities a little different and our outlook on life and our love is stronger.

This is a very different experience to what we have faced with our many trials and tribulations with my own health. This was sudden and totally out of our control and left in Gods hands to bring us through the other side. I have watched the footage more then once and went to the office and found more footage relevant to the case for the police. I couldn't help but do something as it would of been too late by the time they got around to retrieving it. It automatically wipes after 13 days and we already missed some so it is lucky I took some initiative. Its a long drawn out time at themoment his healing is a gradual process both physically and mentally. He is such a trooper and well on the road to recovery.

My computer is
F#*#ed and so Its hard getting to do much of anything, my mum had a scare the other day and was rushed to Hospital but is home now and feeling a little better, It seems to be one thing after the other with us at the moment and keeping sain is proving to be a difficult task but we are getting there slowly.

Life goes on as they say but ours will never be the same again and maybe that's a good thing or not only time will tell.

Just wanted to pop in and Thank you for your support and I hope to get things back to normal soon.

Peace and Health my Friends and Lots of Love xxx