Monday, October 30, 2006


Hey im so lost at the moment I have left my lap top at the gold coast and wont have it for a week. So I hope you are all well and il talk to you in a week bens computer annoys me so I dont use it much. But I will if I get desperate. (Smile) Take Care.Talk soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How he makes me laugh

Well I had myself in a flap today.
I HATE paperwork. I'm so not organised.
I can do book work on paper. "COMPUTERS" well that's another story.
I am trying to get things ready for the accountant.
You should see the mess I have, its like a tornado has gone through my lounge room, dining room, kitchen, well the whole house really.
I envy organised people. I used to be one (sort of)
My B has walked in on me throwing my arms in the air showering myself in statements and receipts.
I dared him to say a word!
He smiled took a deep breath and said "whats for dinner babe?"
I scowled and started on a tirade of.......
I don't know where my head is
I cant work out what I'm doing
I cant remember how to use MYOB
I hate this s*#t
We need a Book Keeper.....sigh
He looked at me with his big green eyes and said with an alluring smile
" Yeh but what about dinner " (one eyebrow raised)
I proceeded to get up trip over my own feet, frothing at the mouth, I make my way towards him Ranting and Raving about how confused my head is, how I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I am so over it. "how can you possibly think I know what I'm doing for dinner?"
Again he smiled and looked at me with those big green eyes and said "We can live on dessert but the kids will be hungry"
OH MY GOD "I have been doing everything for days, I ask you for one thing"
"You haven't asked for anything shaz" still smiling
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Well my cute cranky little cup cake" he says
"I'm going to buy stuff for dinner I was wondering what you wanted I'm making a list to go to the shop"
"IL help you pack that up, ring that guy who does books and make an appointment"
"go and have a bath and IL go to the shop"
Well that's more like it (I'm thinking, finally)
We pack up. Hes ready to go the shop he kisses me deeply holds me tight and says
"Hopefully by the time I get back that cold bath has cooled your temper and you'll be ready to cook this damn food I'm going to get"
He is still holding me tightly so I cant hit him but he kisses me while I'm thrashing around smiles and tells me how much he loves me laughing that I'm now laughing and trying to hit him still.
He so makes me laugh without making me feel useless, sarcasm and play fights come up often and our weird sense of humour isn't always understood by others but he is my funny boy and he makes me laugh when I need it and he holds me when I need that too.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

EUMUNDI...... My New Town

The iconic and towering heritage listed fig trees rise above the 500 plus stall market. Wide shady walkways make strolling among the stalls and old quirky buildings a pleasant experience. A plethora of all things locally handmade, the market sells everything from delicately constructed craft to organically grown produce. Our policy of make it, bake it, design it, sew it or grow it, ensures that they only select the very best of items and crafts.

This is the entry to my place. Twice a week I sit beside the "drive slow" sign while people come from every where to come to the The Famous Eumundi Markets I meet and greet and make some pocket money by turning my yard into a car park. Envious of my talented neighbours.

Ajanta Cave Jewellery
She has some awesome Jewellery. I love Amber and she has some
Amazing pieces.
This is Lyn a local talented artist whose Beautiful Bright Paintings are just Gorgeous. The girls love her work.

Eumundi is a Historical Town on the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. The markets have been running for well over 20 years and is a huge tourist attraction. I live in town on 2 1/2 acres and I live right next door to all the action. There are so many amazing people here creative and artistic souls that sell there goodies and display them for all to see.

Our local pub has cold beers and great bands.
The Black Sorrows are playing Saturday (sadly il miss them)

My Mates

These two lovelies are the proud owners of a brand called "Spikey Dog" based on a cartoon character of their son's Staffordshire Terrier (TONKA) They are very sweet and often have to bring my naughty puppy home when she wanders over for a visit (she loves the markets as well)

Pathways every where leading you into a maze of possibilities.

Clothes....Jewels....Woodwork.....Soaps .....Organic Foods......Gifts ......Drums......
"There really is something for everyone"
Kids clothes are a must see these people have something for every mood, party or event for your babes.
Paintings, Crafts, Pottery, Music, Food and Joy is in abundance twice a week.
I admire the talented people who are dedicated to showing there passion and love of their products.

I have met people from all over the world and I enjoy the smiles and Happiness from tourists having a great time. Hopefully I will be able to continue this for as long as we are here, I tell them if I could Paint I would be at the markets, I cant so I sit and read and meet new people. And dream of finding the creative Me.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My sweet Baby

Tonight I'm waiting for my sweet man to get up at 11pm to go to his night job. I stay downstairs and organise his Dinner and his clothes to make it easier for him to have sometime to wake up before he leaves.
Tonight I'm a little anxious as he is not well but hes in a lot of pain also.
He did a light workout on Friday nothing to much (for him)
Anyway we ended up at the doctors today, he cant bend his elbows much past 90 degrees.
They think he has shredded a muscle that runs from his forearm up through his bicep.
Hence he may have internal bleeding in his muscle.
They couldn't get anyone else to cover his shift so hes going to try and push through.
( I have a feeling there's more to it, his arm that is)
Each day its gotten worse, seems strange as he didnt feel any tearing or pain during or right after and he is experienced with weights.
So I'll be shipping him off for an ultrasound tomorrow.
He has this job because I cant work full time anymore.
We bought a business that was supposed to help us live a little easier with less work so he could spend more time with me. ( Treatment Pending)
But it wasn't all it was supposed to be, so were left feeling rather disappointed and lost.
(Not to mention short on money)
Ben is a proud man and will do what ever it takes to look after us and I admire and appreciate that, among so many other things.
I do worry about him tonight though, as hes in a lot of pain with few choices.
( I wont sleep tonight and may even go and try to help behind the scenes if I feel hes to bad)
Much to his insistence against it, but hey were a team and if he needs me I will part the seas if I have to. (that maybe a tad over zealous LOL but hey hes my baby and Ill try)
I also worry that working 2 jobs is going leave him more run down than me.
Well this is more of a diary entry than a post but that is what I like about blogging.
I can think things write them and remember (my memory is a little jaded) ....sideaffects I HATE
I hope to be more creative one day but for now im happy for the memories.
And Definately the new friends.
So Prayers for my baby tonight Blessings and Strength

"" Oh and someone to take his shifts for at least a couple of days ""

Friday, October 20, 2006



I've been thinking today, I went to the movies and watched the "Departed".
It wasn't a bad movie I quite enjoyed it.
Then this afternoon I picked up my youngest babes best friend.
Her mum is a sweet spirtual, grounded woman whom I've just started to get to know. And I am looking forward to getting to know her better.
I dont bring new people into my life easily, but I do appreciate when I meet special like minded people who are open honest and true to Heart.
We talked and discussed movies of old and how scared we were as kids.
We both came to the realisation that our children are unperturbed at the violence in the movies of today.
The kind of films that scared the bejesus out of us doesn't affect our kids in the same way ( I sound like my mum) but any how it is true.
Our kids just by what they see on the news, Bali bombings the Iraqi war the tragedy of 9/11 is real . So when they watch a movie that has similar or scary things, they just aren't that scary.
I try to be honest, I try to shelter, I try to make my children aware and cautious of every decision they make.
Its difficult to explain to an 11 year old that you cant trust or believe in the sincerity of another person without first knowing them REALLY WELL.
How do you teach Stranger Danger with out being so over the top that your child lives in fear.
As parents we manage and we do the best we can OBVIOUSLY.
Its not till your a parent that you can fully comprehend and admire the struggle and teachings of your own mum and dad.
There concerns were the same.
Every generation feels the gap between themselves and their offspring.
Every generation tends to feel their job is more difficult than their parents.
Every parent asks the same question.
Our answers are no easier or better than our parents, grandparents or their parents before them.
Our world is changing with each generation.
The question I put to you is.
Do we accept the world as it is now?
Do we allow the desensitization of our children because that's the way it is?
Or do we fight back and say this isn't a world we want to live in, we don't want this for our children, we certainly don't want this for our grandchildren.
BUT................. what do we do 1 person or several cant change the world.
Its a romantic fantasy to think that you alone can make this world a better place.
Or is it?
I would like to think that I (even if I'm alone on this) will make a difference.
I believe that if were honest and caring open and vigilant we can teach our children not to accept the way things are.
To stand up and be heard to make sure you, even if your the only one, stand by your principles and beliefs that TERRORISTS don't dictate the way we live.
That they have no place in our world today.
To fight for justice, not just think its up to someone else to do it for us.
Be respectful but outspoken on you beliefs.
I think if we can give our children a common but basic goal, they will work together and fight the destruction of our Planet and each other.
I think if each of us teach one of our children to work towards a goal that doesn't put money into their pockets, but be outspoken, just because its the right thing to do. And they believe it.
We will all start to unite on those common goals of peace prosperity and love of all living things.
To look forward at what their future holds for them and their children.
I believe that each person has their place in this world.
I also believe that before you die you will find that place and make it work for you and others alike. (Or I would Hope)
I want for my kids.
Not to be selfish, to consider others feelings but also to stand up and be vocal if you believe that what is happening in front of you is wrong.
To stand your ground especially if your Heart tells you your right.
I wish for my children to be honest, caring and giving young adults, who respect themselves and others always.
"That's my wish"
We all as parents do our best, just as our parents before us.
In what direction are you conditioning your children towards?
Love ?
For ME all of the above.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WE will Always be WE

I write words to you for strength, contentment, happiness, positive thoughts and acceptance of yourself.
You know who you are !!!!!!!!
You are one of my oldest definitely my dearest friends of all.
We met on a playground in grade 4.
You had blond wavy hair and a killer smile even then at the tender age of 8 I knew you and I would be friends forever.
Everyone thought we were weird, we were, but we are so totally connected to one another no one understood our bond and to be honest even I didn't get why these weird little kids from different backgrounds were so compatible.
We made fun we laughed with and at each other all the time we were inseparable.
I spoke to someone we hadn't seen in 20 years (whow) and we talked about what we remembered the most from back then and he said his memory was you and I laughing he said we never stopped he never seen us apart and wasn't surprised we were still friends.
Even if it wasn't funny to anybody else we laughed.
You and I have had our pain you know that haunting part of you and your past you would rather forget, well I'm hear to tell you no matter what and you know its true, nothing and I mean nothing will ever bring us down tear us apart or stop us being there for each other.
It never has and it never will, thats not who we are we are family we are bonded by more than an interest in KISS ;)
I want, no I need you to believe in who you are, the amazing man you have become the blessing you are, in not only my life but all the lives you come into contact with.
You need to believe in you.
I know you have a demon on your back riding you every step of the way, but you own that demon my friend it doesn't and will never own you.
You are a precious gift, the best present i have ever received.
My dad loved you, my mum thought I would marry you EWwwww, my children wouldn't be who they are with out you they Love and adore you without prejudice.
Your support to me in my lows has been invaluable and through our highs we have built firm and funny memories.
I'm here for you, I don't think two friends have ever been through together what you and I have and come out on the other side laughing, as we do and always have.
Have faith in you my friend
Have faith in me (I have your back now just as I always have)
Have faith in us
We will get you through
We will fix your pain
We will always be WE
You will never be alone as long as my heart is beating.
I love and adore your spirit, your kindness and your never ending love for me.
To know you is to love you (cliche I know, but) To have you love me back is a blessing that i treasure more than I can say out loud.
There is a bigger purpose for you and when you find that purpose you will shine as brightly to you as you do to me.
You need to find that purpose, when you do I'm going to have to say I told you so. (giggle)

Thankyou my friend for being you.

Bless the sunrise

I'm having an off day today I'm in a lot of pain. I was awake early this morning still laying in bed thinking of what I want to do today. I hadn't tried to get up yet (smile)I want to de-clutter and spring clean in anticipation of starting treatment, my mind is willing, my soul is ready. But my body reluctant. I started at my toes they wiggle freely, kewl that's a start, I bend my knees and yes they rise. I try to sit up woops not moving my arms stretch only half way to the sky then fall at my side my back aches my neck hurts but..... my mind is willing my soul is ready, okay I cringe I bite my lip I stand up and wipe the tears from my cheeks. I wash my face, I brush my teeth and smile through foggy eyes at the person standing before me. Today I will push the boundaries. I will accomplish something no matter how small. Well....... I tell myself to take my time its alright to be slow, I have all day. I'm my own boss respect your body I tell myself. I take no pain relief (yet) I need to know where I'm at. If I push to hard Il pay in the long term. I have the rest of the week yet and my babies to respect. Boundaries have been put upon me (not by choice) But either way there boundaries I have to respect. I choose to push myself, I choose to smile, I choose how much I push my body. I choose not to quit. I have posted this so you may question your choices. I want people to honour themselves. Appreciate their Health. Push beyond what your head tells you and go with your Heart. Listen intently to those whispered words that tell you your worth it. You need to hear your heart to appreciate how you should love and honour yourself first. Then what ever twits and turns are thrown at you, you'll be able to choose to cope and choose the path that works for you. Acceptance is difficult. Giving up not an option. Listening to yourself a necessity. Loving yourself a must.
Im happy with what Ive done and I know thats enough for today.
Now I will allow myself something to help my pain not to much though.
I wont be numbed. But enough to greet my children after school with a hug and a smile (My secret still a secret my pain still my own)
My children left with no worries about me. (for today anyway)
So today I thank god for my motivation.
I thank my sweet Bek for her smile and conversation. (I Love You Mate)
And I also thank darlene for her Prayers and Blessings. (right back at you Honey)

To my Darling Ben I Love You and appreciate You more than I can always say or show.

Heart You The Most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Promised Awakening

I watch you while you sleep
I don't move so not to wake you
Silently I weep
I feel your heart its beating
In your arms my tears they seep
I want to tell you that I'm scared
But my lips are silent
My secret they do keep
To the sky I stare
My mind is racing my body still
Your breath is warm upon my face
You cant know that Im not moveing
My body lets me down
It will work for me tomorrow
I just cant make a sound
To scared to go to sleep
To scared to stay awake
Will I wake tomorrow
or will it be to late
Wake me up my baby feel that i'm okay
Let me sleep until tomorrow
Because that's another day


Well, Well............What a great weekend.
The wedding (like all weddings) was beautiful.
I love seeing everyone dress up.
Cassie wore a strapless white satin dress that laced up the back the bodice had crystals and the skirt section was plain with a small hoop it was simple and elegant.
The boys wore Black suits and purple ties that matched the bridesmaids.
You can feel the love, I wish everyone could hold that moment of complete happiness in their hearts for ever. If you could bottle that emotion and sell it you would be very rich indeed.
I'm glad its free though and I'm glad that we were invited to share in their love on their day.
BUT guess who's camera had a FLAT BATTERY
I know......... how can you forget to charge your camera when you know you want to take 1000 photos
SO........................I have to wait and get some copies and scan them,"Bek"....... dont laugh!!!!!!
I'm hopeless I know but I will post them as soon as I get them.
It was a full Greek Orthodox Wedding the church was beautiful And Cassie and Theo, gorgeous.
Ben and I are going to wait until I have my treatment before we do the deed.
Ben and I have pledged our Love and our Lives to each other a long time ago and so its just the formalities and the PARTY of course to come.
So all went to plan and it was truly Beautiful.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Well were off on the weekend to Bens aunt's Wedding.
Looking forward to a grest night out with my baby.
I love his family there awesome so Im sure we'll have a great time.
I will fill you in on my return.
Hope you have a great weekend and il post pics and goss when I get home.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today Is Brighter

Today's a brighter day

You have to move on, The stress has left me tired and listless my body aches, I have a migraine Ive been throwing up but my girls okay.
I have 2 weeks until I go to the specialist, treatment is essential and necessary. It wont be an easy ride it may not even be a cure but I have to try. All I have is hope and faith.

I have Liver Disease................
Ive had cancer.............
Ive had a stroke...........
I'm 36 years old and I have been sick since I was 16 one way or another its a long time. I wasn't aware until I found out at 27 what was dragging me down (I even thought I was just lazy sometimes) I struggled and put on a brave face and pushed myself to the limit. In my good times I went to the gym 6 days a week and ran 10km 3 times a week all the time making my pain my determination. Wow when I look at the time frame I'm amazed at how long it really has been. I forgot what it felt like to have energy and not wake up in pain. Chronic Fatigue is normal to me and so is pain. When I had a stroke at 32 and my doctor told me to slow down I didn't really have a choice . I recovered well from that but suffer normal and hemiplegic migraines (nothing to do with my liver) they can be extremely debilitating and scary as only a C.T Scan can determine between the hemiplegic migraines and a stroke. I had cervical cancer at 25 and a hysterectomy after that, they found I had cancer of the uterus and if I hadn't of had the hysterectomy I would of been dead at 30 so it was a blessing that I opted for the operation and not radium or chemo only. After all my health problems I didn't think my liver would be the one to put me through more. I shouldn't of been surprised really, I was told that it shouldn't affect me badly until I was a lot older BUT I shouldn't of had cervical cancer when it was only 3 years between pap smears (Girls every 12 months PLEASE)
Well even after as bad as I feel today I can still say I feel better.
Dana is well and healthy and dealing with her dramas brilliantly. (smile)
All of my other children are Healthy and Happy.
And my gorgeous man is well and still gorgeous.
And my friends remind me of how much they care.

So today I'm Happy, Grateful and feeling blessed for all that is good in my life.

Healthy Blessings to You All. XOXO

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Day Sucked

WHAT DO YOU DO............................
You live to far away to be there every day
You talk on the phone ,but you know its not the same
She breaks up with her boyfriend of 4 years
you care about him but she means more
Her seahorse dies the same day
her money and phone get stolen the next day
shes 47kgs is she sick
does she eat
she says shes okay
your gut tells you different
your to sick to be there your to scared not to be
shes a good girl
you know you can trust her
your heart says somethings not right'
she tells you its okay
WHAT DO YOU DO...................

its not a poem its not a question its a dilemma
its a scared mum
its a new phase
its letting go
its hangin on
she tells you its shit
I say its a nightmare
she says its growing up
I say its growing away
I says I love you
she says its okay
we hug
we cry
we promise our love
thats not a lie
A mothers tug of war
A daughters struggle to try
To be who she is
and a mother says goodbye

My day sucked

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hate Goodbyes................

Here is my baby Kyle we call him Ky Ky I call him bub or boo boo he is my precious bear.

He had just gotten home from work and i wanted a pic so as usual he obliged his mummy. Even though he hasnt had a shower or a shave (hes been shaving since 15, scary huh)

Look at this smile! I told it could melt an iceberg he has grown into am amazing young man.

He did very well at school his guidance officer said he had the opportunity to choose any field of work he wanted as long as he applied himself he took the hardest classes in science, and maths and thought he'd become a doctor........he had seen me sick for so many years and go through 2 separate cancers, 2 kidney operations a stroke and now liver disease needless to say our experiences has left us very close and a little daunted.

But........he is not the sit down studying kind of kid, he has energy that I would give almost anything to have right now and as we struggled with money after I left his dad (lots of moula!) he decided he couldn't wait 8 years to start making money so hes left school and gone to work.He gets paid adult wages at $18 an hour works 6 days a week sometimes 7 and is one of the hardest workers on site. His boss is going to give him an apprenticeship and keep him on the same pay instead of the $5.50 he should of be getting because he says hes worth.

He moved out to live with the workers (tears) but an hour wasn't so bad to drive.

Today I'm going down to see him and say goodbye again,(more tears) as this job is going to take him away, something more like 6 hours (a little harder to drive) hell be back 1 weekend a month and then at xmas (Huge phone bills coming up, oh well) He will have to go where the work is but he is concerned about me and leaving his new girlfriend. Ill be fine I have Ben and Ky trusts and knows Ben is here for me. His girlfriend (whom I adore) hes a little more concerned with once a month is hard on a new young romance. I hope she does okay....... (for both of them)

I love you and am very proud of you. School would have kept you with me for a lot longer but I trust in your decisions and to make the choices that are right for you (Difficult) see you soon Honey I love You.

Friday, October 06, 2006

In Loving Memory

Xena our Beautiful Warrior Princess
She was 11 years old when I let my girl slowly drift off to sleep, it has been a year since I said goodbye to my friend of so many years.
She was a Bull Mastiff/Great Dane and one of my babies.
Her patience
Her understanding
Her unconditional love
Pulled me out of some tough times
She was my most trusted confidant
I knew my mood didn't matter to her
I knew my secrets were safe with her I knew I was safe when she was with me.

She loved us with abundant energy
She protected us without hesitation
She was the epitome of a best friend
She was caring, funny, intuitive and just happy when were around her
I miss her deeply, painfully and lovingly.
Everybody thinks they have the Best Dog.
But my friends and strangers alike say they had never met a dog like her.
And shes the only dog Ive ever seen cry after not seeing me for 6 months
( real tears )

I was always taught, be gentle with animals
Love all animals they have feelings too
Don't harm nor hinder as they are defenceless
You will be rewarded if u love and respect them individually
A little goes a long way and a lot is always appreciated
Not surprisingly, I have been rewarded by living by these rules
I still put spiders outside (they eat the insects)
I move our snakes along away from our home (they have their place too)
Cockroaches well not so good but i leave them to Ben (much to his disgust)
I believe in life you get what you give
And never ever give to get
Don't say yes then complain
Don't say no unless its to your own detriment
Smile at strangers even when your unhappy
They could be feeling worse than you
And a smile is free gift that may make someones day a little brighter
I will always be thankful for having Xena in my life
I will always love her and remember her with a joyful Heart
Her big brown eyes will be a permanent tattoo on my heart
And I will cherish her memory untill I see her again

Monday, October 02, 2006


Me, my mum Kris and Kel (mums 50th)

Where do i start, I grew up with a brother 5 years younger than me. I always wanted a sister but it wasn't to be.
Then at the age of 21 I found my Birth mother and more.
I found out I had 2 younger sisters and another brother, it was a scary thought.
Would they like me would they hate me would we get along or fight.
I had the greatest surprise anyone could wish for a mum who was awesome and so many similarities.
My sisters and I hit it off from the start, It was like we all had new toys that we could play with.
I know things don't always work out between adoption reunions but I couldn't be happier.
Both my mums where with me when I had my hysterectomy for cervical cancer and then they were with Ben and I when we had our engagement as were my sisters and my niece's.
Its funny because we didn't grow up together but the similarities.........well it blows us away.
For starters our LAUGH its so embarrassing, everybody knows when were around we have a cackle distinct to us! It is just the pitch that varies and it seems to be the contagious because everyone starts laughing as well (I'm not sure if its at us or with us LOL) I don't mind either way.
The faces we pull u can definitely tell we were from the same mould.
Its very difficult to condense what we have I suppose if I ever dreamt what it would be to have sister we are it. Early on I'm sure we were very aware of our relationship and treated it with kit gloves but I'm here to tell you its so not like that now. We are just as we should be we laugh we love we argue and we stick together we can dis each other discuss each other how ever we want......But God help anyone who has a problem with anyone of us, then its solidarity all the way..........I LOVE that.
As we speak my youngest sis Kristie has been here for a couple of days she lives about 6 hrs away now so I love the time we have together whether we go HARD or just SLOTH it its great.Her daughters name is Summa she is such a kool little kid and she is super full on. Definitely keeps her mum on her toes. (just for the record we slothed it) She goes today I hate saying goodbye but we'll talk weekly. Ayesha got her beautiful red hair from her aunt, Kristy has gorgeous long curly hair that the king of the jungle would envy and is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.
As kris goes Kelly arrives. In 2 days we will be bombarded with her and her 4 babes (like me) all girls (I have the only boy) so we will have a house full. But were used to a lot of kids and they all get along famously. (thank goodness)
Kel and I talk a lot more she only lives an hour away and so I see her a lot more as well, even so we can sometimes sit on the phone for hours and that's daily (kris hates the phone but puts up with me) we talk about everything and nothing she was a bit older when we met and we became close quickly and that wont ever change. I even taught her to drive but in saying that, I take no responsibility for her driving record.....LOL
Now Ive started I don't really know what else to say but I'm blessed to have them in my life and I love them dearly............Its kool having sisters, there is an unspoken bond that time nor distance will break, just like I always dreamed as a child. They both have beautiful souls and a spirit of graciousness that they have passed onto their gorgeous children. I see in there eyes a quality that we 3 have, a quality passed on to us from our mum.This generous woman has amazing patience and grace in all that she is. I see myself in her and her in me, that didn't come by being raised by her, it was passed on through a genetic realm of unspoken love.
(I Feel Thankful and Blessed)
With this I have to mention my amazing mum who raised me.
I grew up with more love than 1 little girl could want. I always new I was adopted I don't ever remember being told, I have just always known.
I was brought up with respect for my birth mum and everything to do with my adoption was always positive. I am so grateful for that and it helped when I met everyone.
Belinda was shocked that I had no animosity concerning my adoption and also grateful, I think it would be impossible to have anything but love for her and my sisters anyway,
but thanks Mum you have made our union so much easier.