Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey guys just a quick Hi.
Its late again with only 2 sleeps to go and I am tired damn its hard work getting married when the wedding party comprises of all your kids and one other guy who is Ben's mate and I may as well be his mother too lol.
I am so damn busy and in so much pain with my back I could scream. My excitement is turning into fatigue and I am a little over it all to be honest.
I am not the most organised person in the world but I try. So much is going on I am loosing it.
I still am a lot brain foggy and a little concerned its been a long time since treatment and my head is not quite back to normal but we will see once all the stress dies down (if it ever does)
I need a bit of a whinge so don't think I am not OK I am but I am just tired and nervous.
Ben's mum and dad are great but they cant do what I cant remember LOL They are really trying to take the load off and I adore them for that but WoW its just crazy the last minute stuff.
Kim is trying so hard to make it all easier and make it all about me I feel really loved she is one of my bestest friends and she is going to be my mum in law I am an extremely blessed woman.

Anyway still lots to do, I wont be back until Monday so Love you all and have a great weekend I know I will and when I return I will be a MRS OHhhh sounds good HUH?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 days Holly Shit.............

Danicka and her boyfriend Lewis
Me ofcourse between two of my favourite fellas my brother Danny and of course my soon to be Hubby!!!!
The Birthday girl and I. (hate that shes taller lol)
4 more days and its all happening.
I cant sleep its after midnight and I am wide awake I cant believe its all happening i just a few days but it is and there are so many little things left to do but I have decided what doesn't get done wasn't important enough and I don't care. That's my excuse for not really being organised and I am stickin to it.
Just a note to say I haven't backed out yet lol and we are keeping it together so just a quick Hi
and I will be back just before we leave to go to the Hotel on Ben's birthday Friday night.
He gets it good who can forget their anniversary the day after your Birthday.

Ok this is my SONG to dance to as my first dance with Ben (just for you Dana ;) Its a bit soppy but hey I love the words.
And I am getting married after all so there has to be a little sop I reckon ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 days and counting............

OK guys 10 days till the big day on the 27th of September and I am still running around like a headless chook.
Things are falling into place and I am kind of organised I think, I have lost 15 kgs and now fit comfortably back into a ten and I feel great. Things have just been so full on between my mum and her house, the wedding, kids, life and the sentencing of that woman who stabbed Ben I dont have time to scratch myself.

I hate to admit it but i am so damn nervous I can hardly stand it. Everyone is talking about it and there calling the event of the year which is sweet but it really has put me under some pressure. The numbers have blown out big time. There will be over a 100 people there now and I feel like crawling into a hole and coming out when its all over but of course I cant do that and once its all over I am sure I will be disappointed that I haven't embraced all of this with a calmer presence and out look.
Things are great other than that, I am in love healthy and about to marry my bestest friend in the whole world before God and all of my friends and family.
What more could a girl want.

Its funny now that I put it like that I feel like I am worrying about nothing but hey I heard the rumours and I am not alone in being nervous so that's a good thing.

I will really try and get back to you all before the wedding because its as if I am sharing with all my favourite people that cant make it to my big day but you all feel so close to me that I do actually feel better than I did before I got on here so yes I will be back soon...............

Peace and Health my distant Friends I miss You All xx

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I did it I have bought my dress it is very simple but I like it. I am so not a dress girl, I am a jeans and pants kinda kid so the search has been hard. I have to go the the dress maker for a few minor adjustments and then I am good to go.We have the girls dresses and they are very sweet the boys are dressed and everything is nearly done minus a few details but I am pretty sure I have it under control.3 weeks to go and I am getting really nervous but one step at a time Dana turns 21 on Sunday and well that kinda makes me feel old and the fact that I am going to wearing a wedding dress for the first time not long after still feels a little strange but its all very exciting. Just a short note again as I am off to the gym and it is poring with rain but I am hoping to visit soon.