Monday, July 07, 2008

Hey guys thanks for your concerns I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We have been doing it tough lately we are all very traumatised by what has happened and that makes for a very tense house. We are not laughing or smiling nearly enough these days. All though we are blessed to have Ben be OK the repercussions of all of this are draining both physically mentally and financially. We are trying to stay positive and are busy planning the wedding we are definitely on the count down now and I think I left things a little late but we will get there we are determined to have a great day. I had no idea getting married was so tough. There is so much to do and I am a little daunted. When I got married at 17 we went to the courthouse 1 hour later I was a Mrs and a wife and that was that. This time there is so much planning and things to do I am floundering a little. I have to say though its the only exciting thing we have to look forward to and we are trying to enjoy the journey rather then have it be a chore. With my computer being out of action I haven’t been able to enjoy being on line as much or seeing what’s been going on with you all it is such a hassle on B’s computer but I want to start coming back a little more regularly maybe once a week while we are on the count down 11 weeks will fly by so quickly.
I hope you are all well as I miss you heaps so until I can get to you all I send you love and hugs and you are all in my prayers daily XXXX